About us

We loooooove concepts


Peter McIntyre

Writer of things

Peter went to medical school in Sydney, Australia and now works with 80,000 Hours, to provide career advice and research to people aiming to have a social impact. He co-founded Effective Altruism Australia, a tax-deductible charity that in its first year has raised over $500,000 for effective charities, founded a mobile phone repairs company, worked at the University of Oxford and managed a large sales team at the age of 18.

Jesse Avshalomov

Doer of things

Jesse is an entrepreneur and marketer having worked as Director of Product and Growth at Teespring (YC W13), and now at 80,000 Hours. Before that he was a marketing technologist at Apple and AKQA and was a co-founder at the music licensing startup now known as Loudr.  Though an entrepreneur by trade, his undergraduate and graduate work were in opera performance.



We'd like to thank everyone who helped out along the way, in particular Frankie Andersen-Wood (editing), Oli Habryka (design), and everyone who contributed to coming up with these concepts in the first place.